Love Notes

“How ya gonna get free this time?
Fallin’ into a blue sky mind.”

In and Through The Body
Trevor Hall

Why SomaYoga Now?

Tools to find the edges of your expression and remain neutral. Tools to hold space for connection and self-healing. Tools to remember why we are here and to live heart centered. Uppermost, I am not here to fix anyone, not even myself. Noone is broken; we are all already perfect and free. Dis-ease comes inContinue reading “Why SomaYoga Now?”

Studying the Yamas and Niyamas

Uncovering Conditioning with Compassion. Releasing Limiting Beliefs with Self-Study. Leaning into Resistance with Trust. Through the lens of the first two limbs of Patanjali’s 8-fold path, I have uncovered foundational areas in my life that have been veiled by conditioning, limiting beliefs and resistance. Examining yoga’s ethical practices sets the stage well for uncovering ourContinue reading “Studying the Yamas and Niyamas”

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