3×3 Reasons To Try SomaYoga for Your Core to Pelvic Floor 

1. Relieve or prevent hip + pelvic pain by… +Coordinating muscle movement and gaining voluntary control helps to self-regulate +Learning to release unnecessary gripping tension+Knowing what muscle groups may be causing you more stress!  2. Increase mind-body resiliency! +Vital organs reside in the mid-low torso, yet its not usually attended to +Body pattern awareness can lead us toContinue reading “3×3 Reasons To Try SomaYoga for Your Core to Pelvic Floor “

Somatics & Therapeutic Yoga

Somatics helps free tight muscles that may be holding you back, depleting your energy, or causing you pain. Specific practices outlined by Thomas Hanna in his book, Somatics: Reawakening The Mind’s Control Of Movement, Flexibility, And Health, engage you in finding reflex patterns in the body, and reorient the body toward an ability to releaseContinue reading “Somatics & Therapeutic Yoga”

Essence of Yoga Therapy for Me

When I signed up for Yoga North’s Yoga Therapy program, I knew it would be another transformational journey. There is so much rich and deep content for me to relate and reflect on, and I have enjoyed labeling and engaging with the tools of Yoga and these practices as therapy. This study and practice trulyContinue reading “Essence of Yoga Therapy for Me”

Studying the Yamas and Niyamas

Uncovering Conditioning with Compassion. Releasing Limiting Beliefs with Self-Study. Leaning into Resistance with Trust. Through the lens of the first two limbs of Patanjali’s 8-fold path, I have uncovered foundational areas in my life that have been veiled by conditioning, limiting beliefs and resistance. Examining yoga’s ethical practices sets the stage well for uncovering ourContinue reading “Studying the Yamas and Niyamas”