Essence of Yoga Therapy for Me

When I signed up for Yoga North’s Yoga Therapy program, I knew it would be another transformational journey. There is so much rich and deep content for me to relate and reflect on, and I have enjoyed labeling and engaging with the tools of Yoga and these practices as therapy. This study and practice truly is therapy for the soul!

An expression as simple as spreading my toes and wiggling them with excitement or aliveness can be an embodiment of a transitional point in life. I remember the first time as an adult I realized I could stretch my toes wide apart – it was a year or so after starting yoga. I seriously felt so empowered by this basic physical expression of spreading my toes. This is just a small example of the awe and joy that I find in my physical practice that keeps me moving ahead. After completing this yoga therapy program, I have experienced so much more depth in this joy far beyond the physical plane!! Today my joy is less distal and more proximal. I never thought I would have sheer excitement about the subtleness and expansiveness of my diaphragm in the center of my body every time I breathe. So grateful for this big shift in perspective.   

My current relationship to yoga revolves around these personal pillars:

Embody to Expression – Physical embodiment practice was my entry point into the study of Yoga. I now sense deeper into my physical layers, and I am more able to be fully with the present moment. I have more discernment and awareness around ‘old’ information that my body is holding. I am skillful at finding ways of releasing and expressing myself. 

Bridge to Connection – The holistic and accessible tools I share are a bridge to deeper connection with self and others, ultimately sacred Connection. I offer this bridge for others and serve as a connection point on their own path of self-realization. Anchored on two sides, a bridge brings together two points and unifies them at another destination in time and space. I shall return the favor of the metaphorical human bridges that came before me. 

Inquiry to Awareness – I am more apt to ask questions now more than ever! Curiosity expands my awareness and keeps me moving toward new horizons. When I approach life with inquiry, I see many paths and know that consistent practice is the only way. Through the study and application of yoga therapy, I have learned tools to bring myself closer to living in alignment with the natural fluctuations of the physical aspects of this world. 

If we must move beyond this world’s duality and unify our consciousness, then I have learned that in this life I am much more and no less than my senses. Mastering my senses is the way I must go in order to live my dharma… As likened from the Bhagavad Gita, “Those that follow the path of service work with body senses and mind for the sake of self purification.“ This path leaves me no choice but to live and grow in the pure light of heart-centered resilience. And ultimately, having walked on this path, I must lead others toward sustained health and wisdom. 

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