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Increase true strength and stability.
Free mobility for your Soma.

Practice with Ali Zuba | Somalive Heart Center.

Offering Therapeutic SomaYoga

Alison (Ali) Zuba, RYT-500, is currently studying at the International SomaYoga Institute pursing Yoga Therapist certification. SomaYoga is an innovative method that meets students at the intersection of classic yoga asana and the less well-known relief & pain reduction modality of Somatics. During 1:1 sessions we work on all layers of our being referencing structured models from Yoga philosophy and weaving in elements from Ayurvedic wisdom. Ali shares SomaYoga Therapy with others seeking relief from pain or plateaus.

I want to see you thrive!

Satsang & SomaYoga

Join Ali for SomaYoga community practice harmonizing the great need for personal restorative work in our body, mind & spirit and diving in with our collective. Slowing down to be with yourself and building the skill of awareness from inside out is one of the greatest resilience tools you, as a living being, can learn. Become a witness and willful participant in restoring your own Soma, “living body”.

I want to see you restore!

Slow Flow

Slow Flow offers yoga sequences at a slower pace giving you the opportunity to explore deeper into the poses. Integrative offerings of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, and therapeutic methods will be explored in this class. Emphasis is placed on sensing the pose, transition, and moments of pause from the inside out. This practice asks you to invoke the stillness and evenness of mind while landing and centering points in your body.

I want to see you flow!

“Slowing down and thinking about how we move, how we breathe, the things we take for granted — that is powerful to begin to understand and appreciate, and Ali conveys it all so well. ”

~Kay, Slow Flow yoga participant

“The body practices were excellent! I really felt a lot more awareness than I typically do in my practice.”

~Danielle, SomaYoga Satsang participant

“The intentional movements are amazing and she has the most soothing voice. When I take her Wednesday class I always start tired but at the end of class am energized and relaxed simultaneously. She’s awesome.”

~Ann, Slow Flow yoga participant

“Yoga benefits everyone even those not on the path of practice; however, the Path of Practice is an Exceptional Step Forward.”

~Alex Pfeiffer, Yoga Teacher, 21st Century Yoga on the Mat

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